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Charles of Orleans and Marie of
Cleves Beneath a Canopy (detail) c.1460-65

 Brussels tapestry Wool and silk
Musee des Arts decoratifs
Paris, France

The Shearing of the Sheep (detail) c.1470
Tapestry woven in Tournai Silk
Royal Museum of Art and History
Brussels, Belgium

Vilhelm Kyhn (1819-1903) Danish
Winter Night in a Forest 1853
Oil on Canvas
Statens Museum for Kunst
Copenhagen, Denmark





Christian V on Horseback Outside
 Copenhagen (detail), 1691-93
Oil on canvas
The Royal Collrction at Rosenborg Castle
Copenhagen, Denmark


Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) English
Early Morning (detail) 1825
Pen and brush in dark brown ink
mixed with gum, varnished
Ashmolean Museum

University of Oxford, Oxford, England, UK.

Circle of Friedrich Pacher
(1430/40-after 1508) Austrian

Crucifixion with a townscape of the Middle Ages, c.1500
Tempera on wood
Alte Galerie am Landesmuseum

Joanneum, Graz, Austrian





Thomas Charles Farrer (1839-1891) British
View of Northampton from the
Dome of Hospital (detail) 1865
Oil on Canvas
Smith College Museum of Art

Northampton, Massachusetts, USA.

The ‘Rhinebeck’ Panorama of London (detail)c.1807
Watercolour with pen and ink over pencil
heightenedwith touches of gold paint
and gum arabic on four sheets of paper
Museum of London
London, England, UK.

Peter Shepheard (1913-2002) English
Liverpool from Oxton,
4 A.M., May 4th, 1941 (detail)
National Museum Liverpool: The Walker

Liverpool, England, UK.





Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) French
Changing Pastures 1863
Watercolour on paper
Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museum

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

The Luncheon (detail),
a tapestry from the series Parable of the Prodigal Son Early 16th century, Tournai Wool and silk
Musee de l’hotel-Dieu
Beaune, France

Birger Harm (1899-1986) Norwegian
The Market Garden at Engelsborg, near Oslo (detail)
Oil on canvas
Oslo City Museum
Oslo, Norway





Anders Zorn (1860-1920) Swedish
Summer Vacation, study (detail) 1886

Mora, Sweden

Herman Herzog (1832-1932) German-American
Country Cabin, Summer (detail) c. 1880
Oil on canvas
The Bulter Institute of American Art
Youngstown, Ohio, USA.

Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768-1848) French
Townscape (detail) c.1816-31
Museus Castro Maya:Chacara do Ceu

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil





Canaletto (1697-1768) Venetian
Old Walton Bridge over the Thames (detail) 1754
Oil on Canvas
Dulwich Picture Gallery

London, England, UK.


Landscape with View of Basel (detail) 1835
Oil on Canvas
Historical Museum Basel
Basel, Switzerland

Landscape with Saint Jerome (detail) c.1530
Flemish School (follower of Patenier)
Oil on canvas
Musee d’Art religieux et d’ Art mosan
Liege, Belgium





Sir James Guthrie (1859-1930) Scottish
A Hind’s Daughter (detail) 1883
Oil on Canvas
The National Gallery of Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Helen Allingham (1848-1926) English
Feeding the Chickens (detail) 1878
Watercolour, White on paper
National Museum & Galleries of Northern
Ireland: Collection Ulster Museum

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) Russian
Peasant (Motive 1909) 1919-20
Oil on Canvas
Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Moscow, Russia




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Pieter Hugo Naude (1869-1941) South African
Landscape near Worcester (detail)
Oil on Canvas on board
Johannesburg Art Gallery

Johannesburg, South Africa

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